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Sep 7, 2012 11:00pm EDT
through his story. he supposedly models nathan detroit on it. this is a movie based on his death, downin .. 1934. which is starring spencer tracy, it would seem it would go against taxing. murray golden was enough. he is well-known to many interesting thing about when he dies his you'd think the headlines would say, arnold rothstein, shot. and the dislike, none of that. that is what way, way, way down if at all in the story, because he is so much involved with everything else. kaj: >> before we go to the call, david pietrusza, how contested was the 1960 democratic primary? >> that is interesting because it is still so very different from the process today. when you say primary, it is interesting, because we should bey. when you say primary, it is interesting, because we should be talking primaries. but in 1960, we are talking primaries roughly plural, they're two of them. two of consequence, zero consequence for the republicans. but the democratic primaries involve, or the wisconsin primaries, hubert humphrey versus john f. kennedy in the west virginia primary, same two contenders, and i
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
students are proficient in math or in reading. and in fact in places like detroit, roughly 3% are so over breakfast this morning he tried to calculate how many kids might be, roughly 132 that are proficient in math and a in a place like detroit. so over the past few years, we have, i have tried to figure out through lots of failures and a tiny bit of progress, what we can actually do about those facts and roughly two years ago i stumbled on the work of jeffrey canon kannon of the harlem children's fund. i was pretty blown away to see that after four years of his students who were -- lottery again. lots of kids were lottery gao. after four years he get an achievement gap in math between the average black student who applied for his lottery and the average white student in all of new york city. and a cut in one third the gaps in -- i thought that was real progress and i wanted to understand how we could do that for all kids. and so we planned and it reminds me of my grandmother's baking. i see a lot of people in the audience and i'm sure you can cook well but i'm sure you have nothing on my
Sep 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in the terrorism area, particularly christmas day bombing attempts of the flight inbound to detroit that could've been a very serious disaster in one way or the other. the administrations reaction was not seen as particularly surefooted. it is pretty amazing that we are here just about two months before the next election and somehow the president has an advantage on these terrorism issues. i guess the main event that was mentioned would be the killing of osama bin laden in may of 2011 as well as the president abandoning some of the policies that were so controversial early in his term. i thought i would start with you, maybe you want to add some other factors about how we have gotten to this place where the democrats think that terrorism and national security issues are such an advantage for them and they can basically wave them like a big flag at their convention and it often seems that mitt romney and the republicans are not quite on the run on those issues, silent to the point where afghanistan wasn't mentioned and it was glossed over this whole area that we have seen for decades as a real
Sep 13, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of our speaker. washington bureau chief of the detroit news. thank you for joining us today. the unions have given their time, labor and money to democrats only occasionally breaking with tradition to endorse republican for president as it did with ronald reagan and george h. w. bush they will support field of the reelection campaign. james hoffa says the labor union supports president obama and has criticized republicans and mitt romney for favoring ceos over workers. after the rnc convention he told the "huffington post" net romney once to annihilate labor workers. the obama administrations has been a mixed bag. even when democrats dominated the house and senate some say they took labor support for granted when they took self carolina to host last week's convention. and the free-trade agreement printer hurt american workers. the unions must juggle the demands of members wild businesses big for mercy in a weak economy. earlier this week the fedex ceo had to loosen his grip to allow the independent chairman to toe the line of escalating pay in seven of cutting jobs. at know whether time
Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of our politics and the reason why these white-collar suburbs outside philadelphia, outside detroit, outside cleveland have shifted from republicans, democrats tend to know what we saw in 08 with places like northern virginia, suburbs of charlotte and raleigh and denver follow them, which is by the states are following them. michael bennet won 60% of college where women in 2010. so it wasn't just hispanics. as socially liberal white women in obama today in two days ago in the last poll is 56 hours 58%. >> we will just say abortion is high intensity shown both sides of the debate so it's important to keep in mind >> things like planned parenthood, finding a plan. whichever republican presidential nominee endorse, virtually every republican in the house has voted for. i agree, abortion is what it is a need to have this divide, but other elements as contraception came in in a way and all of is allowing obama to hold his foot among those women despite. >> another thing is mccain-feingold when you don't have soft dollars, you democrats as republicans in the 70s post the first wave having
Sep 20, 2012 11:00pm EDT
detroit michigan, a man that had so much vision in recognizing that not only were our roots from africa, but africa had to be a player on the world scene. he mentored me, and together with of the members that were there under my predecessor, the late and they break adam clayton powell, we, four of us, became the congressional black caucus. we did not get together just because we were men and women of color. we get together because we recognize that we were coming together with a vision of strength, our votes that something. we wanted to tell everybody, no matter where they left that whether or not they had a member of color it did not matter because we took the responsibility of this big for them wherever there were. can you imagine it to the years the 13 crew of 26 iraq another ten years, 42. forty-three. now the congressional black caucus is the largest carcass that we have in the house of representatives. >> among our members of. >> with all of the struggles that we suffered in the civil rights movement, all of them marching and praying and dying that people had done for us, please,
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6